For over 60 years, City Club has been downtown Baton Rouge’s premier dining club where membership is by invitation only. Over 1,000 current members represent all business sectors, generations and fields of expertise. We are united by a common commitment to our City and region and to a lifelong pursuit of personal and professional excellence. The City Club is a “home away from home” as well as an extension of the office.

Since its inception in 1957, The City Club has been a beacon of tradition and excellence in the capital city. Conveniently located downtown on the corner of 4th Street and North Boulevard, boasts 14 meeting rooms, a second floor private ballroom and veranda accommodating up to 450 people. Our third floor has private dining, bar and board room.

What began as a men’s club over six decades ago is today a thriving professional and social club that welcomes a culturally diverse membership. Providing more than 60 years of consistent award-winning hospitality and impeccable service, we invite you to discover and explore the City Club of Baton Rouge.

The City Club, a magnificent brick and masonry structure with an Italian Renaissance façade, was completed in 1894 on property purchased by the United States government for $14,500 from Dr. Jean Bertrand Duchein for use as a post office and federal courthouse. After years of use for those purposes, and several years of serving as city-parish offices, the building was remodeled to become the City Club of Baton Rouge. Two years prior to the Club’s opening in 1957, Baton Rouge was the only major Louisiana city without a men’s club. New Orleans had the Boston Club, Lake Charles had the Pioneer Club, Lafayette had the Petroleum Club, and Monroe had the Lotus Club. Before adopting its official name, others like The Magnolia Club and The Capital City Club were considered. The original decor was designed by nationally respected interior decorator, William Parker McFadden, who was recommended by an editor of House Beautiful Magazine. McFadden was also responsible for creating the Club’s symbol, crossed batons centered with a fleur-de-lis. It is seen in many places throughout the building as well as on Club correspondence. In 1994, under the tenure of Francis X. Guglielmo, president, the City Club dining and service areas were refurbished by local Baton Rouge interior designers, Becki Abercrombie and Helaine Moyse. Although the fine tradition of good food and fellowship has remained constant over the years, there have been changes at the City Club. Because it was formed as men’s club, for many years, ladies were always considered guests. Today, resident membership includes both male and female business persons. As always, many of our city’s leaders are members of the City Club.

A building of major historic and architectural significance, the Old Post Office is constructed in an eclectic Renaissance Revival style. It served as the U. S. Post Office from 1894 to 1935. It was renovated in 1935 and was used as the City Hall until 1955.



Mr. Bert Faulk 2019

Past Presidents

Mr. Steve Boutwell 2018

Mr. James L. Ellis 2017
Mrs. Marthat D. Epperson 2016
Mr. John Paul Funes 2015
Mr. Frank, McArthur, II 2014
Mr. Michael W. McKay 2013
Mr. Robert S. Greer 2012
Mr. Van R. Mayhall, Jr. 2011
Mr. Paul S. West 2010
Mr. John G. Davies 2009
Mr. William S. Slaughter 2008
Mr. Edmund J. Giering 2007
Mr. Richard A. Lipsey 2006
Mr. Arthur E. Favre 2005
Mr. Gregory M. Eaton 2004
Mr. Gregory M. Eaton 2003
Mr. A. Bridger Eglin 2002
Mr. Robert C. Duhe' 2001
Mr. John S. Boston 2000
Mr. Lewis A. Moyse 1999
Mr. James E. Toups 1998
Mr. Paul H. Spaht 1997
Mr. Justin R. Querbes, III 1996
Mr. David M. Neher 1995
Mr. Francis X. Guglielmo 1994
Mr. Andre C. Broussard 1993
Mr. O. Fred Loy 1992
Mr. Jesse Coates, Jr. 1991
Mr. Wendel Foushee 1990
Mr. John S. Hancock 1989
Mr. J. Clayton Johnson 1988
Mr. Robert D. Jennings 1987
Mr. John B. Noland 1986
Mr. Emile C. Rolfs 1985
Mr. Shep Perrin 1984
Mr. M. J. Simoneaux 1983
Mr. Jake L. Netterville 1982
Mr. Davis A. Gueymard 1981
Mr. Dudley W. Coates 1980
Mr. Embree K. Easterly 1979
Mr. R. B. McCall 1978
Mr. James M. Gill 1977
Mr. Herman Moyse 1976
Mr. J.F. Worthy 1975
Mr. G.T. Owen III 1974
Mr. Luther Jordan 1973
Mr. Troye A. Svendson 1972
Mr. Ralph Sims 1971
Mr. E. Leland Richardson 1970
Mr. Robert Cowlishaw 1969
Mr. Ben R. Downing 1968
Mr. William A. Morris 1967
Mr. Harry A Cassady 1966
Mr. Herbert E. Weise 1965
Mr. Eldon A. Werner 1964
Mr. Fred A. Blanche 1963
Mr. Lewis Gottlieb 1962
Mr. W. Leroy Ward 1961
Mr. G.T. Owen, Jr. 1960
Mr. W. Hamilton Crawford 1959
Mr. Charles Porter 1958
Mr. J. Theron Brown 1957